Thursday, October 12, 2017

Two Words I'm working on... and a free gift for YOU!

I have been trying to do two things a little better in our home... clean & simplify.  Something about kindergarten, fall cooking and SAHM clutter that has made me try and step up my game!  There used to be a few days where I would just let the house go and then halfway through the week I'd go crazy... sick of the mess.  So I've been trying to change my breakdown and mad house cleaning, doing a little cleaning each day and getting rid of the extra clutter.

There are some areas you have decide what is best for your home or family.  Others you need to decide what is best for your own peace of mind.  Do you prefer to have your closets packed full of bulk items, so you have less trips to the store?  Would you rather have organized closets with visual space and make a few more trips to the store each month?  Do you want decluttered counters and a few less gadgets?  Or would you prefer an extra appliance or two sitting out that will cut down on prep or cooking time?  Sometimes you have to take a step back and think about your own priorities (Not the priorities of people in your Instagram feed or on a Pinterest board!) and what works best for your personality and home in this season.

Personally, my mind is pushed to the limit most days.  Light colors, uncluttered counters, closets that aren't crammed full... these things give my mind a tiny bit of space back :)  One day I might add artwork to a blank wall that aesthetically needs it, but in this season of my life it needs to stay empty.  So when it comes to cleaning, the prettier the packaging and the more concentrated the better!  

Y'all know I love Grove Collaborative and I've been having their cleaning products, skincare and green products delivered to my door for awhile now.  Occasionally, I get to offer my awesome blog readers a free gift from Grove!  They just released new concentrated cleaning products for their reusable glass bottles and the best microfiber cloths.

You don't need a cabinet stuffed with products when you can use fewer (and better!) products.  Join me in cleaning & simplifying your home with this free set of cleaning concentrates + glass spray bottle + microfibers with your first purchase of $20 from my friends at Grove Collaborative.  I think my favorite is the bathroom cleaner- only cleaner I need for the entire bathroom with silicone sleeve on the bottle so I don't drop it in my speed cleaning!

What are some of your best tips for simplifying and cleaning your home?  Please share your tips below so we can all learn! Do you have a favorite cleaning scent or fun playlist to get your through cleaning?  This Orange & Rosemary scent is pretty perfect for fall and I might just switch between Hillsong and Usher on Pandora when I'm cleaning... how's that for a confession haha!

So here's to figuring out a system that works best in our home and imperfectly learning how to stick to it!  Sometimes things like fall break throw my organization way off track, but I'm getting better at this simplifying and cleaning thing day by day.

Already a member with Grove Collaborative?  Click Here to add a free set of walnut scrubbers to your next order!

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