Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Favorite Essential Oils

 My top 3 oils that I've been diffusing lately...
Purification, Joy & Lime
(sometimes I add a little lime or lemon to the joy so it's less floraly)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunny Days with this Curly-haired Sister

Vera loves her Swim Zip suit and new Everyday Pitter Patter necklace! Her summer uniform :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Baby Bunnies in the Garden!

Last week, I heard some squeaking outside & saw Vali laying in the grass.  I thought she had found a baby bird, but I found a little baby bunny instead.  Thankfully Vali was gentle with it and kept him safe, but until we figured out what to do I put it in a rubbermaid.  Patrick got home shortly after and we found 4 more baby bunnies hopping in the garden!

We snuggled all the bunnies up in the rubbermaid and laid it on its side next to their nest.  The nest was actually hidden under a daybed and quilt in the yard- pretty smart spot!  We hoped the rubbermaid might protect them but keep the bunnies close if their mama came back to them.  They were alert & at least a few weeks old so we weren't sure if she would come back to them.

 The sweet mama has come to visit every evening and morning- actually cuddling them back into their own nest.  Vali guards them during the day :) Pretty sure they are ready to be on their own and leave our yard, but they're welcome back anytime as long as they don't nibble too much lettuce!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Special Coupon for YOU!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Flowers!

Our garden is blooming!  We are prepping and planting our veggies, lettuce & more... here are a few colorful blooms from our yard today.  I'm pretty sure the pink flowers above are the culprit for John Ryman's terrible allergies... Every year the day that tree blooms he is miserable the next few weeks- poor buddy!  Praying it doesn't last long and he can join us in the yard soon :)

Any favorites from your garden?  Or vegetable or herb that is a must-have in my garden? 

Guest Bathroom- Before & After

The Before:
This is how our upstairs guest (& now kids) bathroom looked when did our first (and only) walk through of the house before buying it.  I slapped some paint swatches on the wall and picked the brighter turquoise color, but never got around to painting the bathroom for almost 2 years! 
Finally I was fed up with random colors on the wall and the last of the dark wood trim in the house- so I grabbed the extra Agreeable Gray paint from our bedroom and painted away. 
I would say this is Phase 1 for the guest bathroom.  Even though we removed the bath doors, we still need to remove the tracks and putty the holes.  I also need to clean or replace the ceiling lights.  Long term dream would be to replace the one long mirror with two fun mirrors, update the counter or replace with double sink dresser style, and switch yellow tiling for white subway tile... but paint took me two years so all that will be a while :)
(Can you believe that was JR the summer we moved here?!)
The After:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stitch Fix #4- Box Details, My Review & Wardrobe Ramblings

My next Stitch Fix box arrived!  I told y'all I would share my next box and how I'm liking what my stylist picks out for me, so here it is:
I love waiting for the kids to take a nap and then going through my box :) My own special quiet shopping experience.  I didn't have much to spend this time around and I was mainly looking for a new spring top, but I'll show you each piece my stylist picked out for me... The package includes 5 items, a return bag (with postage and labels ready), a receipt run- down, and a note from the stylist with 2 outfit ideas for each item:

The following B&W shirt is the one thing I ended up keeping this box:
LOVED this coral but since I couldn't pick both, I preferred the fit and classic style of the B&W just a little bit more.
This dress was even cuter in person, but just fit a little big at the top and around the arm holes. 
Perfect fit on jeans, again!  Still amazes me :)  I loved the distressed look and fit of these, but I do have some jeans a similar wash as these so I couldn't break my budget for them!  It did make me rethink how I style the jeans I already own- that's why I love the style cards they send with each piece!
It's nice not to feel forced to keep the entire box and they make it so simple to drop in my mailbox & fill out a quick checkout survey to explain what I liked and didn't like about each one.

At only 4 Stitch Fix boxes so far, I've already seen an improvement in the styles, colors and fit they choose for me.  I'm cleaning out my closet this week before bringing in my summer clothes and having a big yard sale!  I hope to make a little money so I can start filtering out my wardrobe.  I want to move from lots of clearance items that can only be worn with certain pants/tanks to cover an odd fit or holes... to less items that are higher quality, interchangeable without a lot of fuss or thought.  Does that make sense?  Or is it just me that has a pile of clothes on the floor when I'm getting ready to leave the house and I don't have time for that?  Maybe that will just always be me :)   

I would love to hear if you have tried Stitch Fix and what you think? Or if you have any tips on creating the perfect wardrobe with or without a stylist's help.  Feel free to comment below!