Wednesday, November 1, 2017

19 Months- Bauer the Toddler

Y'all, Bauer is in full-on Toddler Mode!  He is 19 months now, tough and strong.  More of his funny personality is starting to show when he tries to make us laugh or mimics the older kids' goofy faces.  Slowly his vocabulary is growing, but I'm hoping as his bottom teeth finish coming in that his speech improves.  "Daddy" "Mommy" "Vali" and "Cheer" are his most clear words.  He has started saying "Mo Mil" for "more milk" ;) and with the sweetest little voice he says "Yay R" for JR.  Pretty sure a lot of the other words only mommy and daddy can recognize.

I have to remind myself that he understands far more than he can verbalize!  I'll ask him to throw his trash away and he can open the drawer and throw his trash in the can.  And when I say it's time to leave to go somewhere, he will walk to the door or try to grab my keys from my purse.  His favorite is beeping my lock button on my car- he thinks it is hilarious! We are already working on sharing, not screaming...