Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Garcia... Family of 5!

We have an exciting announcement!!!
New little pumpkin coming April 12th!
 Praising the Lord for this sweet life of 12 weeks and a healthy heartbeat this morning :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September "Give": The McGuire Family

Happy September!  I'm so excited to continue our Give Scarves now that cooler weather is upon us.  I love being able to hear from adoptive families and give you all the opportunity to support them- and then wear a tangible reminder as we pray for them throughout their journey.  Patrick and I have known this month's family, Matt and Jordan McGuire, for awhile- growing up in Louisville, attending CCU and now getting to know Matt's sweet family in Evansville.  Jordan shares with us their story below...

We live in Louisville, KY where Matt is a Community Pastor at Southeast Christian Church and I am starting to work with a ministry called Life in Abundance.  We have been married for four years and we love getting to do ministry and life together.  It was about a year and a half ago that we wanted to begin growing our family.  We had talked about adoption and how cool it would be, but we had certain ideas of what that should look like, such as having biological children first and then adopting.  After things not going as we had planned and taking a mission trip to Africa with a group from our church, God opened our hearts to the idea of adoption despite our misconceptions.  We learned pretty quickly that this was not a second best choice, but that it was what God was calling us to.  As of right now we are in the process to adopt a sibling group of two.

The most difficult part of the process so far is the unknown.  We don’t know how long it will take, what our child(ren) will look like, if we will be referred to siblings or not.  It all seems like it is up in the air, but we know that God knows and that has been the most comforting part of all of this.  The most amazing thing has definitely been the support from the body of Christ.  People have been so eager to help us in a variety of ways, whether that is through a bake sale, helping us set up for our fundraiser, or just giving above and beyond what we could imagine.  It has been a huge encouragement in this process.

I think there was a lot of entitlement in our hearts as we started this process.  Here we had been trying to grow our family and it had yet to happen, then to think of having to wait years to even adopt was very difficult.  Through great conversations with our adoption agency, we realized that this is a privilege that we get to enjoy.  We don’t deserve any of it, yet God can use broken things of this world to bring hope and healing.  We have also come face to face with the gospel in ways that we hadn’t before, especially as we have gone through our adoption education and heard about the things we could face, but we realize that there is nothing too ugly in us that would make God not love us.  We have been adopted into His family when we accepted Jesus and He loves us despite our sinfulness. 

Our website is mcguireadoption.com and our email is mcguireadoption@gmail.com

This black & gray houndstooth scarf is the featured Give Scarf this month. (while supplies last)
All profit from the sales of this scarf style will go directly to the McGuire Adoption fund! {CLICK HERE} to purchase. We hope you love your scarves- be sure to tag us (@everydaypitpat) on Instagram and use #mcguireadoption so they can see all of your support! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Stitch Fix #7: My Favorites, My Review- Getting ready for Fall!

 This was my 7th Stitch Fix and it has me all ready for Fall weather!!

 This elephant shirt was waiting right on top :) 
It's a lightweight material- perfect for layering this fall!
My black & white shirt from {this fix} and mint tan shirt from one of my first fixes
 are the same style and fit- my stylist did a great job 
picking up on what I love & chose in the other fixes!
 Pretty details make this simple shirt feel a little dressier:

 This navy and light blue shirt was SUPER soft
and long enough for leggings this fall!
 This sweater made me ready for fall!
The texture and length and pockets- perfect.

 This black shirt was hard to photograph, but it was the same super soft fabric
as the blue striped one above.  Felt so good on, perfect neckline and I liked that the 
sleeves and waist were fitted.  It was a little more than I felt I could pay for a 
simple black shirt, but it made me realize I need to find a cheaper black shirt to 
add to my wardrobe- can't believe I didn't have one!  Oh, but it was so soft :)
 This sweater was the only piece of the fix that I didn't love.
The scalloped detail was really pretty, but I didn't love the color.
The texture was a little itchy and the sleeves were too short and baggy- not the most flattering.
Which pieces would you keep?  I need some help deciding!
Here is a sneak peek of my Fall Scarf Collection- Sept. 1st-
Pairs pretty well with my Stitch Fix...

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Vera's 2nd Birthday Party- Our Little Wildflower

 all of Vera's favorite sweets...

 Such a fun evening with friends celebrating Vera's birthday... We love you Fafa!

Friday, July 24, 2015

New Aldi Favorites

 When we first moved to Newburgh, I had to get used to new grocery stores and a new budget.  So many people recommended Aldi, but I had a bad experience with a dirty store in Texas so I never went back :) Finally after going over our grocery budget too many times- hating Walmart- having too big of a stock pile from Sam's Club- I decided I would give Aldi a second chance.

I've heard each Aldi is different, but thankfully the Evansville one is pretty clean!  Their variety of healthy options (and gluten-free, dye-free, etc.) has even grown over the past year since I've started regularly shopping there.  If I'm cooking from recipes, there are usually a few items that I can't find at Aldi.  I typically shop at Aldi 2-3 times a month in bulk and then do little trips to Target, Schnucks or Fresh Market in between for specialty items.  Anyways, enough about my random obsession with this grocery store ;) Here are my top 4 items I found this week:

 The kids LOVE these fruit pouches, but they can be so expensive.  These are cheap & contain no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.
 How cute is this pasta?!  The Specially Selected brand always has seasonal treats- usually a little more expensive, but worth it!
 Lots of great salsa and guacamole at Aldi- this Mango Peach is my new favorite!
And of course, their fresh fruit & veggies- this week blueberries and strawberries were 99 CENTS!

Do you have any grocery budgeting tips?  Or favorite items at your Aldi that I need to try?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

Stitch Fix #6: Summer Box Details, My Favorites & My Review

My 6th Stitch Fix box arrived last week!  Thanks to some extra credit on my account I was able to ship my box a little faster than I expected :)  This may just be my favorite box so far!  My stylist was very detailed in her note... she explained her choices and even mentioned items from fix #2 that would pair well with items in this fix.  Here are the 5 pieces in my fix:
 I love the fit and color of this coral summer dress- 
the fabric was super soft, but a little thin and clingy for my preference and price range.
 This top had such pretty details and my stylist reminded me that it would match my 
coral bermuda shorts from fix #2!
 In Fix #5, I received a pretty navy and mint shirt that I loved but the sleeves were a little hot for summer.  Because I left a detailed "checkout" review after my fix telling my stylist how I felt about each piece, she sent this tank to me :) It is in the same soft fabric with gorgeous stitching, but a lot cooler in these hot months! and I love the back...
 These summer jeans were a great wash & one of my favorite brands, 
but I am good on jeans for now and they were a tiny bit short unless I rolled them up.
 I commented that I loved the lightweight fabric of one shirt in my last fix, so my stylist sent this top in the same summer fabric.  It's a little brighter than I might normally pick, but I love that she recommended something I wouldn't grab for myself.  
A good way to add a little variety to my closet and try out some fun colors!
Now to decide which pieces to keep :) Thanks to some credit in my account, I could have kept the entire box for $124! Thanks Stitch Fix!

You can read my other fix reviews and see some examples of what can arrive on your doorstep {here}