Saturday, October 22, 2016

Colors of Fall

 After a classy trip to the Leitchfield, KY Walmart, the golden light and fall landscape were calling our names!  We found the most beautiful land & pulled off the side of the road.  We found hay bales, animal bones & an off-roading spot for the Bat-mobile.  JR had trouble choosing his favorite, but he hasn't stopped talking about his off-roading vehicle :)

Don't wait for matching outfits & a planned photoshoot... Pull over to the side of the road and Take the Pictures ;) They might just be your favorite!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Stitch Fix #11 and $25 off for YOU!

I'm going to be honest and say this was my least favorite fix I have received.
Out of 11 fixes, that is not bad!
It was my fault because I forgot to update my fix preferences
 (they even sent a reminder email before the shipment)
so my stylist didn't know what I was wanting for fall.  
Goes to show how important and helpful those style profiles really are!

I had some credit to use and I ended up only keeping one item.
It was actually the most simple Gray Tee.  I was hesitant to keep it because I felt like there 
was nothing "special" about it, but I have already worn it several times  and LOVE it! 
It is super comfy and longer in the back which is one of my favorite styles.
Easy to throw on & great for layering!

Here are the other 4 items that I sent back...

 I loved the fit & wash of these jeans, just didn't need another pair :)
I'm always amazed how my stylist can pick such a perfect fit for me!
 These red shoes were cute and comfortable, but I didn't know how often I would wear them.

 I think the stylist recommended this shirt with the shoes and jeans, 
but it wasn't really a pattern I loved and it was too short on me.

 This dress was wonderful! So comfy and soft, but the fabric was thick enough to be flattering ;)
I would have kept this one in a heartbeat if it wasn't horizontal stripes... boo!
Just not the best pattern for me- too bad it wasn't solid black in the middle.
Thankfully you are able to review and comment on each item when you "check out"
so I can tell my stylist how much I love this style and fit, just not the pattern. 
The more specific you can be, the better!
So that was my 11th fix!  
Along with the style card (showing me 2 ways to style each piece)
guess what was in the box??
 Yes, that's right- Stitch Fix for MEN!
I'm excited to try it out for Patrick.
He is super picky and I usually have to shop around, 
bring them all home & end up returning all but one item... 
so needless to say this could be super helpful!

Follow this link {here} for $25 off your first fix, men or women. 
That means no styling fee & $25 credit towards a new fall outfit!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Furball in the Garcia Yard

So I realized our newest pet had not been formally introduced here on the blog...
Meet "Cheer" our new kitten!
I almost made the title of this post "I hate cats." Haha! I am horribly allergic (really, everyone but Vera is allergic) and, to be honest, cats kinda freak me out. But when we moved into our new house, Patrick and JR convinced me that an outdoor cat would be great for catching mice :) I told them if I didn't have to do a thing with her then I would consider it, but it had to be a kitten or else I would never like it. (that sounds so mean!) Of course they found a 14 week old kitten and the kids fell in love... so I was peer pressured and we are now cat owners.  JR and Vera came up with the name "Cheer" together and I have no idea how they decided on that name.
We have a potting shed off of our detached garage and that is where she stays.  She puts up with Vera trying to carry her awkwardly everywhere and is super cute playing with Vali.  I like her because she keeps her distance, she is outdoors so no sneezing & no litter box, and Patrick and the kids really do love her :)
Pretty sure I thought we would have chickens before a kitten! 
Cheer, welcome to the Garcia Farm. Don't be offended that I can't hold you. I think you're cute & I'm thankful for the entertainment you provide JR and Vera ;)

Friday, October 7, 2016

A few girl scarves & outfits

bracelet from (Petite Hero)
Butterscotch Moccs from (Max Moccs)
Necklace from (Pitter Patter) Slate Gray Moccs from (Wild Explorers)
Necklace from (Pitter Patter)