Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anthropologie has the best aprons!

Is it bad if I "accidently" leave this apron on

when I leave the house? Click here to zoom

in on the pattern *

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vintage Dress

This 60's vintage dress is adorable! I love the cotton lace overlay with the pale pink chiffon. On the website, they called it a pink lemonade vintage dress- how perfect?!

Flea Markets

I just love flea markets because you never know

what trash or treasure you may find :)

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by one (well I ended

up staying awhile) and found this unique artwork.

It was only $15 and the lady who sold it to me had

actually made it a long time ago!

The colors are perfects and I love all the textures

and materials used. There are all kinds of fabrics,

broken mirror, yarn, and the best part...PEARLS :)


On April 19th, Patrick spoke for two Sunday morning services at Kenwood Heights in Louisville, Ky. It was a great church- everyone was so welcoming and sweet. Patrick did a great job and spoke on "Preaching the Word".

Later that night, Patrick spoke to the High school students at Okolona Christian Church. What a great youth group!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Almost every other weekend my husband, Patrick, preaches for a different church. While it is difficult not having a home church to attend every week, we have enjoyed visiting these churches and feel blessed to have the opportunity to build relationships with other believers in the tri-state area. This past weekend, Patrick and I drove to Columbus, IN for an incredible Saturday service called 541 (Yes, it starts at 5:41 pm*) at First Christian Church. Although I am biased, Patrick did a great job preaching the Word and the Lord was really moving in that service!!
First Christian Church in Columbus, IN


Maybe if my vanity looked like this I would wake up a little earlier...
and NOT put my makeup on in the car :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Summer, please come soon

the sun is shining and i am dying to get out my rubbermaid boxes of summer clothes! a little white sundress is calling my name... and some beach sandals ... mmmm... i think all i need for this season is something in yellow seersucker!

My sister took this picture and I just love it!