Saturday, May 2, 2009

date night

I received this text yesterday while Patrick was out running an errand:
"I'm taking u out tonight by the way. Wear a dress"
Wow! My first thought was- What a thoughtful, sweet husband I have!!
My second thought was- What am I going to wear?!?!?!?
I ran to my closet and grabbed several dresses that caught my eye...

1: banana republic dress- very comfy
2: white house black market dress
(This was the dress I had planned to wear as we drove off after our wedding)
3: yellow vintage dress
Nitty Gritty (Louisville) and my Senior Prom Dress :)
So after I tried on all of these, I decided since yesterday was
my "yellow" day that I would wear my yellow dress!
But then Patrick put on his see
rsucker suit... (so handsome!)
the 70's lace just was NOT right with the seersucker,
so I had to run back to my closet and search some more.
By this time, clothes were all over the floor and it was time to leave.
So I picked another yellow dress and we were out the door!

Doesn't he look cute!! I love when he wears this suit!
I must give credit to Mrs. Thompson for my dress.
She was my Home Ec. teacher my senior year
and she helped me make this dress :)

Patrick took me to Maggiano's for dinner
and look what was waiting for me at the table

what a wonderful evening!!

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