Thursday, May 14, 2009

kate spade

I think it was sometime in Middle School, when all the girls
HAD to have a Kate Spade Purse.

Or you just weren't cool.

They were really cute purses, but way too expensive
for my low babysitter budget (and still too expensive :) )
It's sad how I felt I needed to have something
Kate Spade or I wouldn't fit in.
I don't think I ever got one, but who cares,
the next year they were onto a different designer.
Coach? maybe...

I was looking online the other day
at Kate Spade
and found these wonderful things:

I remember why I loved the purses so much :)

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  1. hi! oh, I love your blog! you are so stylish.
    I had so much fun at skyline! :) we will have to get together again soon!