Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mariemont Village Yard Sale!

This is the Village of Mariemont:
This is my view when I look out my kitchen window.
There is a Graeters next to the theater
and a Starbucks to the left. :)
Today was the village yard sale!!
I slept in and thought I had missed all the good finds,
but I'm so glad I didn't get out earlier because
by the time I came around the neighbors were tired
and ready to give their stuff away!

These "thankful" napkins were $2 for 8
They need to be ironed, but I can't wait to use them for Thanksgiving!
I love the font!

Of course, I have to buy earrings at yard sales.
Don't worry I wash them!!
2 for $1

I was looking at this nice lampshade to find the price
and the lady said I could have it for free!!
Thank you cute lady in the Lily Pulitzer dress!

And here is my favorite find:
They were asking $75, but I got it for $40!
It's a cute table and 2 chairs. (iron and leather)
Now I just have to find a spot for it :)
My whole apartment is turned upside down
because I keep moving them from room to room
trying to figure out where it looks best.
It is currently a little breakfast table,
but who knows where else I may move it!?
Any ideas?

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