Thursday, May 14, 2009


I love the color PINK!!
It reminds me my home when I shared a bedroom
with my sister. We had pink walls, carpet... and a light pink ceiling!!
It sounds crazy (and it was) but we loved it!
These are the only pictures I could find of my old room. :(
It is quite messy because these were taken while
about 10 girls were frantically getting ready for prom!
It was tradition for us to get ready for every dance in the pink room.
When I got married, I had to give up several things
and one thing was my bright pink bedroom. I didn't think it was fair for my
husband to marry into
so much pink, so I left most of it with my sister
and switched
to picking more masculine colors (or at least more neutral)
Our apartment is too small to add pink
and would
probably be to
o much for Patrick. However, I do daydream
about the color and picture an extra room
in a house one day
that will be all PINK!
Until then,
here are some pictures I found that add a little touch of PINK,
but is not too overwhelming:

"Pink seems almost synonymous with spring. As azaleas bloom and tulips flower, the landscape comes to life. But pink is present year-round, in our favorite china, rugs, and window treatments. Designers suggest using varied tones. In shades of intensity, pink shows up in living rooms and master bedrooms, and of course, in little girls' rooms. Vibrant fuchsia accents can enliven a space, and lampshades lined with pale pink will cast a warm, welcoming glow."

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