Monday, May 4, 2009


I told you earlier about my little rascal of a puppy
Valiosa L Garcia

She was born the week of our wedding and we took her home 2 days before she turned
6 weeks old. She was adorable and slept in my arms the whole ride home.

She had a little trouble being potty trained, as we expected, so Valiosa wore diapers
when she was inside. I know it sounds absurd, but I did not want to clean it up!

Someone told me that if you put a bell on the door and ring it every time you take them out to the bathroom, they will eventually catch on and ring the bell themselves, letting you know when they need to go out. She caught on after 1 day!! And to this day, she will ring the bell. However, she is a little smarter, and now rings the bell whenever Patrick or I leave or if she sees someone walking their dog outside. :)

She always looks so innocent...
but then I would find her in hiding- with a shoe.

Vali is getting bigger, but still getting into trouble.
This is when she ran away at the lake house. She loves the water.

She tries to sneak onto the couch, when she knows full well she isn't allowed.

And the other day I found her with my cute Vera Bradley hanger
It was completely DEVOURED!

but how can I get mad?

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