Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yesterday Patrick and I went to a lovely Mother's Day luncheon.
You may wonder why I would go to a lunch celebrating mothers
when I am not a mother
and my own mother wasn't attending.
well...Patrick was the guest speaker :)
He did a great job and was quite funny*
The lunch was delicious and each table was decorated so beautifully.
A lady from the church (Bridgetown Church of Christ) brought in
flowers from her own garden.
The lilac fragrance filled the entire room.
She even let me take some home:

On our way home we passed a TJMaxx ... and I just had to stop in.
I found this little treasure in the clearance area.
I haven't decided where I should put it...
On Patrick's desk for filing and stuff... or in the Kitchen?
We shall see.
When I uploaded the above picture from my phone
This cute picture was also on there:

This is my puppy Valiosa. She was asleep next to me on one
of the million rides into Louisville. She looks so peaceful and sweet, doesn't she?
Well when I find my camera cord, I'll post a picture of what I found her
doing today. Oh my, Vali is NOT always this cute!!

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