Thursday, June 25, 2009

* dining room and crafts *

When we first moved into our apartment
our dining area looked like this:
Then for Christmas it looked like this:
and now it looks like this:
I love my tea cart in the corner.
My mom and I found it at a yard sale
brand new from Ballard Designs for $15
This picture was cut out from a magazine in Louisville.
I think it's called Rewired? and it was in Java Coffee Shop.
I thought it was so cute!

So today I have been working on a little project...

I had lots of ideas so I played with them all
before I left to buy supplies.
In honor of the 4th of July
here is a little craft that is SOOO easy!
I bought a big square of plywood from Home Depot
and had them cut it into 4 smaller squares (first 5 cuts are free)
Be sure to look in the clearance section for some other types of wood.
I found a longer piece of wood for only 51 cents for another project.

I bought some blue fabric at Walmart (clearance section $1.50/yd.)
and cut it about 2 inches bigger than the wood square.

I used a staple gun to hold the fabric to the back.
I probably didn't do this the best way,
but o well - you can't see it when it's done :)
This is how it should look from the front:

Next, pick the shape or letter that you want.
I just got on the computer and printed out a big Star.
Cut out the shape from the inside like this:
Position it onto the wood/fabric.
If you need to, tape the corners down so it doesn't move.
Start to fill in the shape with buttons.
All shapes, sizes, or colors :)
I glued the buttons down with super glue.
They attached fine, but next time I will use
something different because my fingers are covered!!!

Now you have a lovely decoration to celebrate the Fourth of July!!

You can sit it on an easel or hang on the wall.
If you want to hang it, you can simply buy
brackets at Home Depot (or wherever)
and nail them onto the back of the wood.

I used the other piece of wood a little differently...
  • Spray-paint the board (the color was "espresso"
  • print off initial, word, or shape
  • Cut out and tape to the board
  • Fill in the shape by gluing the buttons straight to the wood.
and here ya go:

Now you go try it!

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