Sunday, June 21, 2009

dreamy sunday

Patrick spoke this morning at
Hilltop Church of Christ
He did a wonderful job!
Every guest is given a nice goody bag
with delicious cookies inside!
How sweet?!
We came home and started to watch a movie,
but we both fell asleep for 3 HOURS!
It was the perfect nap!!

When we woke up, we packed up some snacks,
a fishing pole, and the pups and headed for the
Little Miami River
Patrick and Reagan tested out the waters out to the island...
while Vali and I watched and waited...
They called us on over and
somehow I didn't slip and fall!
Patrick did some fishing...
the dogs swam around...
and I sat and ate my favorite snack :)
We had a wonderful time.
The weather was PERFECT!
Right now, we are sipping on some delicious Mango Iced Tea.
A friend gave us this tea mix and I love it!
You can find some HERE.

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