Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's time for an update!

My hair needed a little updating.
I grew it out for my wedding :)
which was almost ONE YEAR AGO!!!
I decided it was time to cut it!
Here I am earlier this morning:
I was very nervous.
I know "it's just hair", but I've been saying
I was going to cut it for a long time now
and I have chickened out every time!
So I headed to the Aveda Frederic's Institute in Cincinnati
I absolutely love this place!
I thought it would be scary having a student cut your hair,
but the educator checks every step of the way.
I have never had a bad haircut from them.
The best part is that it's only $17 (no tips)
This includes: wash, cut & style, neck & shoulder massage,
mini-facial, makeup touch up, and an incredible cup of tea!!
So here is the new me... It will take some getting used to
but I think it's a good change:
7 inches and 2 hours later
I am completely relaxed from the spa treatment
loving the smell of Aveda products in my hair
and enjoying a little Starbucks :)

My new favorites at Starbucks:
yummy blueberry scone
grande iced coffee with 1/2 hazelnut 1/2 vanilla & 2% milk
Have a relaxing Saturday!!

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