Saturday, June 27, 2009

One Year!

One year ago today I walked down this aisle...
and said "I Do" to the most wonderful man in the world!
We have had a lot of adventures in the past year...
honeymoon in Rosemary Beach, FL
fun concerts!
got a brown-eyed puppy :)went on WAY too many road trips!we made a home and a family in Cincinnati
but still made many trips to the lake with friends*
we had a few debates :)
and always acted crazy !!
we traveled to Patrick's homeland... CUBA!
and celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple*
we laughed through the fun times...
and prayed through the hard times...
and made lots of great memories along the way.
We celebrated our one year anniversary last night at the
Seelbach Hotel
where we stayed on our wedding night.
What a beautiful place!
I look forward to this next year with you, Patrick.
I love you.


  1. Loved taking this trip down Year One with you, Savannah! See you in L'ville next week. L, Krista