Saturday, June 13, 2009

rearrange, change, update

Every once in awhile you need a change.
Well since I already changed my hairdo, why not rearrange the living room?
I mentioned in an earlier post that I bought a little table and 2 chairs at the
Mariemont Yard Sale. We left for Louisville right after I bought it and
never found a place for it. So we returned home to furniture floating in ea
ch room
and stuff thrown EVERYWHERE. (not to mention the luggage we brought home)

(WOW! That's embarrassing- Can't believe I'm showing you all that!)

While I cleaned, Patrick helped move the TV and all the cords to a new spot :)I found a gross-looking caterpillar
making a cocoon on our window.
Soon he will be a beautiful butterfly :)
I lit my cute incense/candle house from Anthropologie.
It smelled horrible, but isn't it cute?!
The smoke comes out of the chimney :)
In between lifting heavy furniture, Patrick and I sipped on some Coca- Cola.
I just love the classic glass bottles.
They are so much more expensive than a 2-liter, but do you want to know my secret?
I bought a 6-pack and washed them out when I was done.
Now I just refill them whenever I want a classic Coca-Cola.
and I just HAD to pull up the carpet in the corner
and find this beautiful hardwood floor!

too bad our rental lady wants us to keep the carpet :(
We took a little break to eat some Olive Garden...
(nice seatbelt*)
and came home to a new place...

(the yard sale table and chairs- $40 & TJMaxx wood sign John 14:6 $5)
We put our TV stand in storage and are now using a dresser crammed full with
dishes, placemats, etc. anything that will fit.
I found this vintage dresser at an estate sale in Louisville right before our wedding!
The cream paisley wing back chair is a new hand-me-down from Patrick's mom!
And in the spot where the dresser used to be, we made our trunk into a sitting area.
This kind of separates the living room from the dining... kinda
Welcome to our new rearranged home.


  1. looks so good! :) I love it! and love your hair!!

  2. love the apartment! love the table and chairs..yard sale, huh?...thats my kind of purchase!:) i also LOVE that chair from the Garcia house. You'll have to keep up with this blogging thing now so i can stay caught up on what you're doing with your place!