Wednesday, June 24, 2009

similar but cheaper

I really like this JCrew outfit
that was in my post yesterday...
However, when I added it up...

Summer Cardigan- $89.50
Cotton V-Neck Tee- $29.50
Pinwheel Mica Mini- $150.00

Leather Belt- $29.50
2 bracelets- $58.00 & $88.00

The total cost for the outfit was $444.50!!
not including tax or SHOES!

So I decided to find something similar for much cheaper!

Here ya go:

Chino Skirt from Target
Pleated V-Neck White Top from Old Navy

Long Cardigan from Banana Republic Sale

Gold Bracelet from Target

Vintage Pink Skinny Belt from Etsy

and shoes :)
Ballet Flats from Target

Grand Total of $122.46

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