Saturday, July 18, 2009

how we celebrated

the fourth of July was a little chilly and rainy,
but no matter what, when you are at the lake,
you always have a wonderful time!
Our weekend was filled with:
family and friends, boating, tubing
grilling, watching fireworks across the lake
hiding under a towel in the pouring rain on the boat

delicious snacks, funny games, scrabble
sleeping in, long sleeve shirts and coffee.
Patrick and I stayed one whole week at the lake
and some of our friends visited throughout the week
The guys stayed up late every night having

deep conversations on the back porch, the dogs loved
swimming in the lake everyday, I slept at least 12 hours
every night, and it was a perfect little getaway!
The classy In and Out restaurant in Clarkson
had internet and the guys would go to check
their emails and Patrick would work on his sermons.
All I can say is that they met some interesting people :)

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