Saturday, July 18, 2009

North American Christian Convention

The NACC was in Louisville this year!
Last year, Patrick and I missed it in Cincinnati
because we were still on our honeymoon
(which we were completely fine with :) !)
but we were really looking forward to this year
because my uncle, Jeff Stone, was the President
and the whole Stone family would be together!

Jeff did a wonderful job and the week was so much fun!
Patrick and I worked for CCU and stayed at our booth
most of the time. Patrick had a blast because

we had a corn hole game set up and he played ALL day!
I was horrible and afraid I would hit someone!!
All of the kids loved it and some would
stay for hours and get quite competitive!

By the looks on their faces, that throw
was probably a little dangerous :)
We had a fun dinner with the whole family!
Here is my sister, Sadie, and cousin, Jen

my Nana and Dado
they are too cute!

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