Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tea for Two

I woke up Thursday morning
so excited
I was meeting my Nana for Tea
what a dream!
I took the pups for a long walk and started to get ready
As I was picking out the perfect tea parlor dress,
I noticed Vali hiding under Pat's office desk.

She usually does this when she has something she shouldn't,
so I crawled under to make sure it wasn't my shoe.

Her mouth was empty, so I let her stay there.
A little bit later, I went to check on her and
I was horrified by what I saw.
Vali's face usually looks like this:
This is what I found!:
It was hard to capture on a camera phone
but her cheeks were 2 inches thick on each side
and she had huge bumps around her eyes...
and the swelling was getting worse!
I threw on the first thing I found (not a cute tea dress)
and rushed her to the vet. Luckily her throat had not
started to swell, but I was still very frantic!
They gave her a shot and steriods which worked pretty quic
but they wanted to watch her all day.
So I left me sweet little puppy at the vet, alive and sleepy.
And I headed off to have a hopefully
less eventful and relaxing afternoon.
I met Nana at Miss Annabelle's Tea Parlor
in Loveland, OH
We had the Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea.
earl grey and floral :)
I loved the words printed on a
vintage sign inside the tea parlor:
As you walk into the tea room,
you step back in time to something out of
an old English tea room
with a touch of Southern Flair.
Fine china rests on every table and the gift
shoppe is full of lovely tea pots and accessories.
Precious hats were hanging all over the walls
and we each picked one to wear for the day!
(We actually almost walked out wearing them!!)
The food was so dainty and delectable
but they kept bringing out more and more
so I left feeling perfectly full.
Thank you Nana
I love talking with you over a cup of warm tea.
O and by the way,
Vali is fine! The vet thinks she was stung by a bee
or something. She is back to her cute self.

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