Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome Home Banner

Patrick had a wonderful opportunity to preach
at a high school camp every night this past week.
He loved hanging out with the students
preparing the sermons, playing outdoor games
and watching the lives of these students
change throughout the week.

Unfortunately, the camp was 4 hours away
and I wasn't able to go with him.
So other than going to work and having tea with my Nana
(which you will hear about soon!)
I pretty much decorated, did crafts, and watched movies.
My treat every night was a glass of milk, dark chocolate,
and a stack of magazines my Nana gave me.
When Patrick came home, I wanted to have a big
Welcome Home sign waiting for him!
So I decided to make a banner,
like I have seen everywhere on etsy!
It is so simple.

Here is how you do it:

Pick out your fabric and cut out 11 (or more) triangles
(you could do it all in the same fabric, I just used old scrap fabric)
Organize the triangles in the order you want
and decide the pattern and letters.
I used a red puffy paint for the letters.
You could also find iron-on letters (which would probably look nicer)
Find ribbon and buttons to match your fabric and letters.
Lay the ribbon out and place the triangles onto it.
Overlap the corners of the triangles and sew on a button
to hold the two fabrics to the ribbon.
Repeat for all of the triangles
(Silly me, I left my sewing maching in Patrick's car
so he had it at camp all week! That is why there is not
any sewing in this project! If I had it, I would have doubled
the fabrics, sewn, and flipped inside out so they would
be thicker and not just the cut edges... o well.
Also, you could sew the triangles to the ribbon, instead of the butttons)
Welcome Home Patch!
I missed you!

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