Sunday, August 9, 2009

building a home

Every time I see my Nana (my Dad's Mom) she has a package, folder, or brown sack for me with something special inside, sometimes a handwritten letter or an old photo she came across,
but last week Nana handed me something that I have not been able to put down.

Well, she really gave me two things...

The first was a little wooden dove. It went on a Noah's Ark set she had passed down to me earlier, and she recently found the lonely dove hiding in another box.

The second item- the one I have not put down-
was a collection of college class notes from 1954-55...

My grandmother studied at Ozark Bible College during the mid 1950's
and was required to take a class her freshman year called "Christian Homebuilding".
In a faded green folder, she had saved all of her typed notes from the class
and let me just say- they are VERY detailed!!!
I have limited my reading to a couple pages a day, savoring every word.
Page after page, quote after quote... it is all so precious and insightful.
I don't know what grade Nana received in the class, but I can attest to her wonderful
Christian Homebuilding. An A+ does not even come close to the godly woman, wife and mother that she is. Nana told me that she remembers a lot from the class and has reminded herself throughout the years of the many lessons she learned her freshman year of college. The main professor was Mrs. Chester Williamson, however, there were many guest speakers. Every professor's wife had a chance to speak on something they were passionate about or in their area of talent.

As I read flip through each page, I would like to share bits and pieces of it with you.
This folder is full of wisdom from godly women, funny out-of-date words and lessons we can learn that are still relevant today.

I hope you enjoy what I find :)

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