Tuesday, August 25, 2009

coffee shop car :)

I love coffee and the smell of coffee... as you know.
So I made this little craft to help my car smell like the local coffee shop :)

I took an empty container- peanuts I used for trail mix...
After I washed the inside and let it dry really well,
I peeled off the old label and glued on a page from a Pottery Barn magazine.
(You could also use scrapbook paper, fabric, or tie ribbons around the can)
Then I filled the container with coffee beans
and cut slits in the lid to smell the yummy aroma!
Now I have a nice container to hide under my front seat
or place in the cup holder that will make my car smell like Starbucks!

Oh- this has nothing to do with coffee or my car...
but I came into our bedroom yesterday
and found Vali reading the Bible:
This was NOT posed!
I was doing my devotion that morning and didn't put my Bible away.
She always lays down and chews on her squirrel
(the nasty gray thing in her mouth)
and she ended up resting in front of the Bible...
how hilarious!
Of course, when I went to get a second picture, she jumped right up!

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  1. What a cute idea! I am all about repurposing items around the house these days. AND, I have lots of scrapbooking paper on hadn since I have gone DIGITAL. I love the photo of your dog....so precious! Thanks for sharing Savannah!