Tuesday, August 4, 2009

come on in!

Let me welcome you to my coffee shop.
I have not chosen a name
( maybe you can help me with that)

This is what I dream about everyday:
owning a little corner shop
brewing coffee all day, overhearing warm conversations
welcoming guests and visiting with old friends
living above in a fancy vintage apartment
large windows viewing the quaint downtown

Open the door and step on it...
This is how it goes:

sweet door knob invites you in...
the coat rack will take your peacoat or tophat as you enter...
distressed round tables fill the room, of all shapes and sizes
a simple bud vase rests in the center of the tables..
caramel curtains and simple artwork cover the walls...
you ponder over what delicious
treat you want to indulge in this morning
as you read the menu printed in cursive
on an old wooden chalkboard...
lighting pendants line up above the countertop...
you are greeted with a smile by a woman
with the cutest apron tied around her waist...
fresh brewed coffee is served
in precious mugs of all styles...
you meander over to your friends by the fireplace
and take a seat... carrying on lovely conversations...
the mug full of warm coffee rests on this serving
table as you finish your favorite novel..

and then you return tomorrow to
enjoy another morning at my coffee shop.

doorknob, coat rack, coffee bean and table: [flickr]
bud vase: [ikea]
curtains: [ballard designs]
chalkboard and mugs: [etsy]
pendant, aprons, rug, furniture: [anthropologie]


  1. oh, savannah, you and I must be kindred spirits because I have always dreamed of owning a tea room and coffee shop! :) if you ever open one you can steal the name I came up with: sip.

  2. Sav, the apron around the waist.. we have one at rabbit in the mooon like that for children!! love macie

  3. Sounds beautiful! I want to be there right now!