Tuesday, August 18, 2009

look awake for less

if you look dreary and tired on an early
work day or school morning, you will most
likely feel like that for the rest of the day,
but if you start your day off with makeup
that adds a glow and makes you look awake
your day will be bright and cheerful!
Now, you don't want to pay the big bucks
for this look so here are some tips:

Add color to your cheeks for a rosy glow.

I use Bare Minerals All Over Warmth.
It is $18, but I have had it since January!
(My blush and bronzers always tend to crack
and crumble into a million pieces, so I love
that this is a powder- it also blends in nicely)

Here is some cheaper blush from Physicians Formula
for only $10 in Blushing Berry- Pearls of Perfection

Open up your eyes.
Dab a little cream or white eyeshadow on the inner part
of your eyelid to create an "awake" look.
I love this eyeshadow trio from Smashbox for $28
I can use the cream for the daytime

and add the other two for an evening look.

but you can also get similar colors from Revlon for only $6.50

Extend your lashes to bring out your eyes.
This is my favorite mascara from Lancome
but it's $24.50
I don't think mascara is worth it :)

So I usually use XXL Volume and Length by Maybelline for $8:

Color your lips to finish the look:
Don't forget about adding color to your lips
or at least a little shine.
My absolute favorite is Smashbox lip enhancing gloss
"savvy" :) for $18:

but of course I have to find a gloss that is similar
because I can't spend $18 for something that is easily
wiped off... so here is Ulta's lip gloss in "Whisper" fro $2:

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