Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mud baths anyone?!

what a great day for the park...
everything was normal... a little chasing, growling, and tug-o-war
until Vali spotted something on the other side of the field:
It happened in slow motion...
no stopping her.
where is she?
old faithful Reagan didn't want to be involved in such childish ways
so he relaxed with me...
while Vali shook, flipped, and twirled...
inviting every other clean dog to join.
Most dogs would jump or run through the mud pit,
but not her, oh no, she would thrust her face under the
water and wiggle around like she was bobbing for apples.
Finally, after watching Vali wrestle and roll,
Reagan decided to join in:
but a little mud on his paws was enough for him...
a good rinse and scrubbing...
and they look pretty darn cute:

{okay maybe she needs another rinse}

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  1. I love these pictures! I have also had the joy of bringing home a muddy puppy from the dog park!