Saturday, August 15, 2009

a perfect saturday

Today was absolutely wonderful! We woke up early this morning
-even though it was our last real day to sleep in before school starts-
Patrick tossed and turned all night like a child on Christmas Eve
because today he picked up his new Jeep Cherokee!!!
We met the guy at Frisch's and took it for a test drive

Patrick could not stop smiling!
You see... he had a similar Jeep a year ago, but this
Jeep is a Limited and has a higher lift
-the exact one he has always dreamed of:
While on our way to pick up the Jeep
we passed an Estate Auction!!!
I registered and had a look around,
there were so many treasures EVERYWHERE!
This lovely woman must have been constantly quilting
because it took the auctioneer all afternoon just to go through
the mounds and mounds of quilts that were in perfect condition.
I loved this doctor's cabinet:
They said it is very rare to find one that has all of the drawers.
The back shows the prices for the remedies back in the day
I like the back just as much as the front!
As much as I wanted to take it home,
the bidding went up so high there was no chance...
(I guess I don't know my antiques very well)

This dear lady had quite the collection of fur coats
and there were several tables stacked high with hatboxes.
These were my two favorites:
I tried on so many beautiful hats
and I couldn't help but imagine
the stories behind each one.

Her home was beautiful
intricate woodworking, elegant furniture
a kitchen painted robin's egg blue
Oh and look at the knobs on every door:
I waited and waited for the short balding auctioneer
to get to the white dishes and this Ironstone China Pitcher,
but he never did, and I eventually gave up and had to leave.
I didn't bid on anything at the auction- the prices went so high and honestly,
I can't fit another piece of furniture or dish in my apartment!!
I could do this every Saturday:
watch the same woman raise her hand for every quilt,
see the old men bid on farm equipment and their faces
light up when they were the highest bidder
and smile at a little girl, her hair pulled back in a bonnet and
a doll in a ruffly yellow gingham dress bouncing on her knee.

Before we reached home, I spotted 2 yardsales!
They both looked like duds, but I'm so glad we pulled over
(and thankful for Patrick's Patience)

At the first stop-
I got 2 long curtain rods for $1 (50 cents each)
They reminded me of the door knobs from the auction:
and at the Second Yard Sale-
my absolute FAVORITE purchase this entire year
(maybe my whole life)

A Little Old Schoolhouse Lunch bag!!!!
(vintage with the tag still on it!)
My giddiness rivals my husbands over his new car :)
I can't wait to pack my lunch for Monday!
Hope your Saturday was just as fun!

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  1. This sounds like a really fun day! I've never been to an estate sale, but it sounds like a good time!