Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweet Thing

My sister, Sadie, and I went to see Keith Urban
in concert at the Kentucky Fair on Saturday night!!
The concert started at 8 and we left home with plenty of time to kill...
(or so we thought)
We waited in traffic for well over 2 hours...
after 9 we really started freaking out
and were afraid we would miss Keith!!
after a LOT of running in uncomfortable cowboy boots,
we made it to our seats and only missed a few songs!
He was amazing.
He ran all throughout the crowd!
At one point, he came singing down the front aisle
and I booked it down there and touched his arm... :)
Sadie and I had a blast! (Thanks Sadie for going with me!)
and it wouldn't be a concert without a stop at Krispy Kreme on the way home :)

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  1. i love my girls, so glad you had a fun,memory making