Wednesday, August 26, 2009

talk away.

I am so thankful that God allows me to talk to Him.

I sat in Old Testament Poetry class today and loved what my professor said.

"If you want a bad marriage, one thing you can do is not allow one of you to talk.
A marriage means that you not only share joy, but also sorrow with each other."

The book of Psalms includes many words from David to the Lord.

Psalm 150 shows his absolute joy, while chapter 42 is absolute misery.

God allows in scripture both expressions of the heart.

He wants you to share your heart with him.

Thank you Lord that we are allowed to speak to you about life.

Thank you that you listen to us- joy and misery.

Yet, as quickly as we run our mouths

may we rest and listen to you.

Help us to be quick to unleash our happiness

as we contemplate on You throughout our day.

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