Friday, September 25, 2009

2 years ago today

2 years ago today
I found my wedding dress.
and yes... it was almost 2 months before we were engaged :)

Patrick and I had pretty much set a wedding date
I knew engagement was soon (well I thought Christmas time)
My mom and I found a deal that we couldn't pass up!

My parents came to Cincinnati to visit at school.
Patrick and my dad played in a golf scramble
and my mom and I went shopping!
Little did we know we would be hiding a wedding dress
in the trunk so Patrick (and my dad haha) couldn't see...
(picture from week of wedding picking up dress after alterations!)

On our way to Hobby Lobby, my mom and I
passed a tiny bridal shop - located in not the best part of town.
We ran in really quick just for fun and there was NOTHING.
ugly, tacky dresses and smelled musty, but the lady working was really sweet.
After a few glances around, we were ready to leave and as we walked out
the door, she told us that the clearance room was upstairs!
Now you know me and my mom, we can't pass up clearance!!!

I saw a pretty dress and moved it to the front of the rack,
continuing to browse the clearance section. My mom followed
behind and the same dress stood out to her, so I just had to try it on :)

Guess what the price tag said???!!!
$100 and 50% off!!!

I jumped into the dress and realized it was over 10 sizes too big,
but I loved the detailing, train, and vintage style...
The sweet lady said that she could easily alter the dress
and my mom said we might as well buy it for $50 and
if I find a better one, we'll just give it away or ebay it!

So that's how I found my wedding dress...
I tried on TONS more, but they were not the same.

When we met up with my dad and Patrick, we hid the dress in the car.
My mom told my dad as they were pulling away... and of course
he teared up. I tried to keep it a secret from Patrick, but starting
squealing with excitement before we even made it back to campus.
I write all this to let you know that you CAN save money,
even on your wedding dress. For me, it happened to be the first dress
I tried on, but you may have to search for awhile to find the perfect one.
If you do find a dress on clearance and need alterations, make
sure you are picky about your alterations and this is where
you can spend more money, because the fit of the dress makes a huge difference.

Have a thrifty weekend!


  1. Aww your dress (& you) were beautiful for your wedding day! I'm as "thrifty" as they come so I am so proud of your find! AND I love the story behind it...that's so funny that you weren't even looking & that's when you found it. Life's funny that way.

    Happy Friday-

  2. Lovely dress! I found mine at David's Bridal for $99 and fell in love :) It was the first dress I tried on!

  3. Your dress is almost as gorgeous as you are!
    I loved this post! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. I hadn't heard the story of how you got yours, I just knew it was beautiful on you! I got mine a couple months ago and also ran into an unexpected, amazing deal! Can't wait to wear it!