Wednesday, September 16, 2009

fall at the Garcia's

pumpkins from target after season last year
(gotta love wii bowling!! haha)

(put leaves in a vase/bowl for an unexpected "bouquet")

(fill a small bowl with Indian corn and place a votive on top)

(spooky spider from "The Shop Around The Corner" in Mariemont- best home decor shop ever!)

I love showing off seasonal books with tiny easels- from the dollar store.
(my aunt gave me this sweet book! since this picture, I found some acorns to sit there...)

(Indian corn from Kroger and cornucopia for $1 at target last year)

(the pots were from my mom :) and the S&P shakers $1 section at Target last year)

Vali found some fake flowers to destroy:
(at least she looks remorseful...)

If you can't afford any new fall decor, you at least have to pick up this candle
from CVS because it smells wonderful and is only 99 cents!

(spider votive candle holder- from my mom & Everyone has to have a Paula Dean Cookbook!!)

Growing up my mom always had a glass pumpkin filled with goodies
and last year she surprised me with one of my own!!!
(the oreos are now all gone*)

Have you decorated for Fall already?
If so, share some pictures and I'll pick some for another post!
Or let us know some of your decorating/craft ideas for the season...


  1. Lovely post. You have inspired me to pull the Fall decor out of the attic!

  2. I am inspired. I will have to get out the fall decorations this weekend!

  3. you're so creative ! I cant wait to come up and see it in person
    .luv ya sweetie Mom