Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my new love

Last week on our way to school,
the piping hot coffee in the cup holder
tipped over into my seat creating
a pool of coffee under my rear.
Not only was I uncomfortable all day long,
but my seersucker pants will never be the same.

Something needed to change.

So two days ago we found my new love
at the most incredible store ever...
TJMAXX (home goods)!!

Mine is similar to this but cost only $7.99:

(and has plaid burberry-looking fabric around it)

the one above is from {Target} 25.6 oz for $29.99

This is another one from {Target} for $21.99

and this one is o so fancy:
from {Nubius Organics} for $15.95

Everyone needs one of these thermos stainless steel bottles...

*no spills/leaks = no stains
*stays h
ot or cold all day
(We went to Kings Island yesterday and I left
my coffee in the car ALL day and that evening
when I opened it... there was Steam!!!)

*very stylish
*easy to use and clean

I would really only recommend TJMAXX or another discount
store because for well over half the price, it is just as good.

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