Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pillow Slipcover

Do you have an old pillow that needs some new life?
I had extra fabric leftover from a little curtain project
and an ugly pillow that I needed to hide :)

The fabric was an indoor/outdoor fabric from JoAnn Fabrics
(sorry I don't know the name)

Here are the steps:

Find pillow you want to cover or a pillow insert.
Measure the pillow or decide on the size insert pillow you want.
Add 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Cut out two squares/rectangles, MAKING SURE to leave
one square 3-4 inches longer (depending on the thickness of the pillow insert)
This is so that the back flaps can overlap and cover the pillow inside.
(Check out the picture above)
My 2nd piece of fabric was not long enough to cover the back pillow
It kinda pulled it apart and showed through
so you want to make it a little longer if your pillow is really fluffy.
Take the longer piece of fabric and cut 1/3 off of it.
Now line them all together so they are equal and the cut square overlaps.
The two pieces that are overlapping need to be sewn under
so they are finished when we turn the pillow inside out.
Sew the ends back...
Now lay the two pieces back together (right sides facing each other)
overlapping the two flaps that now has nicely sewn edges
Pin around the edges of the two pieces of fabric:
Take a little break and play with your puppy :)
(she continued to bring toys and sit them on my lap)
Sew around the edges... Flip inside out through the overlapping flaps...
Squish the pillow inside... and you're done!

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