Wednesday, October 7, 2009

4 years ago

Four years ago today, I found myself in a paddle boat with a boy that would one day become my boyfriend and my husband. Actually, the boat ride began with four people, but quickly our sneaky friends decided the boat was fit for just the two of us. We paddled around the little lake at Scioto Hills Camp, talking non-stop about our favorite vintage cars, my dream to be a fashion designer, love of traveling, and of course, Frank Sinatra. Patrick paddled to the opposite side of the lake, so I could not overhear the match-making friends plotting on the dock. I was calm and enjoyed talking and sharing with this new friend. The next session of the Leadership Retreat was about to begin, but we pushed the pedals as slow as we could trying to grasp every last second. A true gentleman from the beginning: respectfully listened in coversation, helped me out of the boat, held the door for me as we entered the main session. I joined the girls and tried to hide my enthusiasm and giddiness, but my friends were far too perceptive. We all hung out that evening, but one by one, they trickled away leaving Patrick and I alone again. (Thanks Hunter and Caroline*) The bonfire blazed in the distance and the stars shone far too bright up on the camp's hill. Talking as if we had been friends forever, we innocently shared our idea of a godly, healthy dating relationship and talked more about our life dreams. Patrick made me laugh with his crazy humor, but also touched me with his deep, sincere heart. There was something special about him. The retreat ended the next morning and we headed back to school. I learned about leadership and service on the retreat, but I also learned that there were guys out there that desired the same godly relationship that I did. I loved hanging out with Patrick and getting to know him, but I figured it was just a "retreat thing" and he would go back to his Senior Class upon arrival at school. As soon as I got home, I called my best friend to scream and giggle about talking with the "Patrick Garcia" and told her we HAD to meet for dinner before the CAL football game that evening. On her way to my house, with me on the other end of the phone, a big, red jeep pulled up behind her at the stop light. I jokingly told her to get the jeep to follow her to my house. So, the great friend that she is, she started waving frantically out the window to get Patrick and his friend to follow her down my street. They had no idea where they were following this wild Junior girl, but with nothing else to do, they decided to ride behind the white volvo all the way until they reached my house. Little did Patrick know, this would be the first of many times his big, red jeep would sit in my driveway.

A few weeks later, as I jumped up into Patrick's car after a football game, a certain song was playing in the background. I did not realize then, but he had set the song to start right when I got into the jeep. Sneaky sneaky... The song was Strangers in the Night- by Frank Sinatra.
It later became our "theme song" for the beginning of our relationship. My favorite part is: "something in your eyes was so exciting, something in your smile was so inviting, something in my heart told me I must have you..." Listen to Frank's song {here}

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  1. I love reading your blog Savannah! Your posts are always so uplifting! I enjoy being reminded of the simple blessings the Lord gives us!