Sunday, October 11, 2009

blessing from God

When I was little, my dad let me go with him to some of the weddings he performed.
I have so many vivid memories of those special times, tagging along with my dad.

(A sneak peek of the bride before the ceremony, dreaming of my wedding day,
the smell of fresh flowers floating down the aisle, tasty reception food just for kids,
getting to keep my dad's boutonniere after the wedding*)

Between noticing every detail of the bride's gown and writing
down wedding ideas on the program, I still listened quite
closely to my dad's words to the bride and groom.
Below is my favorite illustration that he used in many weddings
It is one I will never forget:

"Is there any sight more beautiful than seeing a young man and a young woman,
clasp clean hands and pure hearts and embark upon the journey called marriage?

The answer is that there is but one sight that is more beautiful than that.
That is the sight of an old man and an old woman finishing that journey together.
Their hands are gnarled, but still clasped.
Their faces are wrinkled, but still radiant.
Their hearts are tired, but still strong.
They have proved that marriage truly can last and be a blessing from God."

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  1. oh how you always loved going to weddings with your daddy! you and sadie would take turns getting his boutonniere. you would sit on the edge of your seat, not wanting to miss a thing! i guess thats why you did such a great job planning your own wedding. you did a great job on choosing a mate as well. i love both of you dearly! sure enjoy reading your blog.