Monday, October 26, 2009

havana, cuba

This time last year, Patrick and I were packing our bags for a mission trip to Havana, Cuba.

We joined the Master's Men Choir from our home church.
(don't worry we did not sing with them*)
They have traveled to Cuba many times- each time singing in concerts
all over the city and serving at the Church in Havana.
We were so blessed to serve alongside of these men
and witness their incredible voices filling gorgeous cathedrals:
(I cried through every song... It was amazing to worship and hear the gospel 
spread to the community through songs in their own language.)
At times, it did not feel like a mission trip because we were guests
at these concerts and able to sightsee throughout the week...
I miss these girls!  They were so sweet and on fire for the Lord!! 
They are in the National Cuban Choir and 
are so bold in sharing Christ with the choir.

The few of us ladies on the trip served at a women's conference in the Church.
We painted nails, laughed at broken translations, and cried through powerful testimonies.
The ladies welcomed us into their homes, offered way to much coffee :) 
and impacted my life in ways they will never know.

 I do have to admit that my favorite moments were with the children...
blowing bubbles, trying to "Simon says" in Spanish :) 
singing crazy songs and making crafts about the days of creation
My father-in-law is about to leave for a trip to Cuba.
We wish we could have gone so bad, but are trying to plan when we can go back.
Please be in prayer for their safety and that the Lord would 
continue to work through the churches scattered throughout Cuba.

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