Monday, October 26, 2009


Lately, I have felt the need to simplify and straighten up our home.  No longer do I want to clean the muddle that accumulates each week.  Why can't it be put in its place when not in use, instead of thrown into a new spot every time?  I have learned it is best when every item has a home (or at least a general area).  There is a joy when I find a lost item in the mess, but there are some things I just don't want to keep misplacing.  My keys are a great example.  Every morning I go through the same routine of searching my abyss with handles, just to realize my keys had been thrown under the mail on the table or in the pocket of yesterday's coat :)  Now, the problem is that while I may have the desire to put everything in its place, I don't have room for everything!  I wish I could line boots on one shelf and heels on the other, neatly fold fabric in baskets, or hang hooks for all of my scarves... but we live in a 2 bedroom apartment.  So I am giving away and throwing out (or ebaying*)  

First on my list were our closets.  I folded all the summer clothes in a Rubbermaid for storage and hung up all our winter wardrobe.  If there was anything we had not worn last winter, we weren't going to wear it this season, so out it went (to Goodwill of course)!  Our closets are now neat and tidy and we have actually been keeping them that way!  It is so much easier to put clothes away when they have a spot just for them! 

Next came the bathroom closet.  I had so many bottles of lotions, hairsprays, etc. I couldn't tell if they were empty or new!  After going through the old, I took out only what I used each day (one lotion, one hair serum, etc.) and put in one basket.  Then all of the extras (they were still good and didn't want to waste them) were put in a big bucket on the bottom shelf.  Now when I run out of something I will check the refill basket before purchasing anything.  I have a good stash of shampoos and conditioners from this post {here} Just organizing the closet cleared up so much space!  The towels are neatly stacked with a smaller bin for washcloths.  
O how I'm loving this organization!  

(There are some things I will keep that I'm not using right now simply because I know they will be used when we have a house.  I am trying to fit all of these items in our storage area.)

Now I am working on the rest of our home... all the nooks and crannies... 
I encourage you to simplify and organize before all the stress of the holidays. 
It has helped me to be thankful for what we have and loosened our attachment to "things".
Let me know if you have any organization tips or ways you have simplified your home/life.

Here are some pictures of inspiration:
(all linked to their source)


and check out this article from Young House Love {easy does it}

I'll hopefully have some pictures of our simplified home soon :)


  1. I love organizing! I just wish I could keep it that way... somehow everything tends to wander away from its home! :) love the craft supplies in those glass jars!

  2. yes! i'm hoping mine will still stay organized longer than usual, but only time will tell :)

  3. Getting it organized is the easy part for me... keeping it that way is a whole 'nother story...

  4. I just found your blog and I love it! I especially love this post because I am finally getting around to my long list of places in my house I want to organize. I started it this past spring and then with the nice weather I didn't want to be inside, so now that it is getting cold I have decided its time to tackle the list! Thanks for the inspiration!