Thursday, October 1, 2009

symmetrical balance

Last night Patrick preached at the CCU Family service. I love hearing my husband preach because I am always convicted and learn more about Christ. The following is an excerpt of his sermon:

"Tullian Tchividjian in the book, Unfashionable, tells of a time when he attended a Christian conference of about 5,000 people. He was listening to a panel discussion, when an editor of a conservative political-theological magazine was expressing his frustration with many of the liberal left-wingers and doing so in an unnecessarily and very condescending way. When he finished, John Piper (another speaker on the panel) turned to him, and with utmost precision and seriousness, he said, “For a long time I’ve appreciated your ministry. You are an astute observer of our culture. I read your magazine every month. It’s always insightful. But there’s one thing you’re missing from your ministry.”

The editor looked at Dr. Piper and asked what it was.

Tears,” Piper replied.

And you know, I think far too often the culture we are trying to reach senses our anger, but do they ever sense our grief? It’s probable that they think we’re angry because we’re not getting our way, but I wonder if they feel our sorrow over sin’s negative, de-humanizing effects. Do they perceive a genuine care for their eternal destination, or do they believe we simply want our agenda promoted due to self-pride?

My confession tonight is that far too often I’m wrapped up into a moral code that must be followed by outsiders, rather than lost people coming to know Christ and God’s glory being revealed. I mean, should I really expect people who are without Christ to live as if they know Christ and are familiar with God’s Word? I’m not at all saying that we need to be doormats and stray away from making righteous, Biblical stands when truth is challenged in our culture... that’s not at all what I mean…because that is MUCH needed, but I am saying that such stances need to be taken out of a symmetrical balance of TRUTH and LOVE. John Stott said, Truth without love is dogmatism, love without truth is sentimentality- speaking the truth in love- that’s Christianity."

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Savannah... Incredibly humbling and convicting.