Saturday, October 31, 2009


Say farewell to Fancy Vintage and welcome to Pitter Patter.  After a lot of thought and desire for color, I have decided to switch blogs :) The new address is {}  Everything from Fancy Vintage has been nicely moved over, so ALL of the old posts will appear in Pitter Patter.

The new name:
While Fancy Vintage was fine... only 1% had to do with Fancy or Vintage so I felt this would be more appropriate considering my usual post topics.
I want this to be a place where you can find encouragement and inspiration.

When life flies by, we will try our best to find joy in the good and not so good: whether the rain is a light pitter-patter or a torrential downpour - when your heartbeat is a rapid pit-pat over a highlighted scripture, 
handsome husband, or a fresh decor magazine in your mailbox - as little paws pitter-patter down the hall - no toddler feet for awhile :)  - and as I patter on and on about random decorations, crafts, and recipes... I pray you will find joy with me in the Lord.

Now the only thing I need you to do...: *Unfortunately my lovely followers were not transferred over so if you want to be a follower please join again! *if you have my blog linked somewhere... please save the new spot! *please share with your friends the address change and tell me what you think of this new change...  you can be honest :) 

 Come on in and stay awhile...



  1. I love reading your blog Savannah! :) Thank you for faithfully posting new thoughtful and encouraging updates!