Thursday, October 22, 2009

what kind of pumpkin are you?

a creepy crawly leggy pumpkin?
{young house love}

a precious pooch pumpkin?
{pink and poppy}

a fine and dainty lace pumpkin?
a nosey pumpkin?
{martha stewart}

a pumpkin with a sweet tooth?
a shining light pumpkin?
or maybe you are a unique gourd full of beauty?


  1. precious pooch all the way. did you make these...that looks like your pup!

  2. oohhh i like the lace ones! i could never make anything so cute & intricate!

    i also read that article you posted. wow! that is an encouragement. busyness is definitely one of my worst self-enduced struggles. that was convicting & encouraging all in one.

  3. Rachel, I wish I had made the pup pumpkin!! I saw it on a blog but I think it's originally Better Homes & gardens :) I don't think I'll even try to copy it!
    Jen, wasn't that article so convicting, but I loved it and that whole (in)courage website!

  4. I am so the fine and dainty pumpkin! I have all kinds of ideas for elegant pumpkins, but I can't afford to buy pumpkins to decorate! When did they get so expensive?? :o(