Thursday, November 19, 2009

May I have your name please?

*a pressed leaf, permanent marker, and relative's name
*print your favorite saying or verse, cut into thin pieces, 
and drape across the plate or around the napkin
 *choose a ribbon of any color to tie around the napkin
*use clip art to find a pretty image and add the name 
below in an elegant font... cut out and fold in half
*use brown cardstock paper and a smaller rectangle of white
paste together and draw a pumpkin, leaf, etc. 
then add name- your handwriting does not need to be perfect! 
*use fun scissors to cut out a place card
*place cards and napkin rings in one
from Pottery Barn 

*use a fabric marker to write on the name in cursive on the napkin
don't forget to practice using disappearing ink or draw lightly with pencil first

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  1. that last option is my fave! very autumnal and classy too!