Monday, November 2, 2009

wacky costumes

wow! doesn't my husband look handsome!

After relaxing all day Saturday, 6 pm came rather quickly.
As little penquins, ghosts and princesses passed by our home,
we realized we had forgotten to buy candy!!  how silly!
So fully dressed in wacky costumes (thanks to my mom's dress up bin)
we headed to the brand new Walmart down the street...
Either we looked really wacky or people forgot it was Halloween!?
come on Walmart customers- have some fun!!

Those crazy celebrities, lions, superheroes emptied our 
bowl of candy so quick! - luckily I hid a special stash in the kitchen :)  

a little later I'll share some more dress up fun

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  1. How adorable. And just so you know, I would totally whack off that skirt you're wearing and wear it every day. I love it! :o)