Saturday, December 12, 2009

early christmas surprise

Thursday evening, I could not keep my eyes open to type one more sentence on my paper.  I curled up on the couch and thought a power nap would help!  Patrick had run out to meet a friend and was acting kinda sneaky about their meeting.  He found me still asleep when he returned and woke me up saying there was a surprise in the kitchen.  I groggily walked into the kitchen, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary.  As I turned around, sitting on the table was a box with NIKON printed on the side.  NOOO WAYYY!!!  Patrick had met a photographer friend at a camera shop in Kenwood Mall when he heard they were having a great sale!
So the past few days, I have been snapping photos right and left, reading up on what all the buttons mean, and telling my pups to sit and pose far too many times!  Patrick said he felt bad giving me my Christmas present so early, but he knew I would appreciate being able to take photos throughout all the Christmas celebrations!  What a thoughtful and generous husband!
So here is my new baby... a Nikon D3000 with 18-55mm lense:

  The pictures are so clear and it really is pretty easy to use.  As you know, I had debated for a while whether I should look for a Canon or Nikon.  I talked with many people and surprisingly more people voted for Nikon.  My father-in-law also has a Nikon and its fantastic!  Patrick said he asked the lady in the camera store her advice and she said the fact that she bought herself a Nikon tells it all.  But Nikon and Canon are both great cameras.  From my point of view- the Auto setting works incredibly, but I know eventually I will have to be brave and try out Manual!  Right now, I am just having fun playing around and trying out all the different features.  

hehe... I still can't believe it!!! 


Photographers out there: I will take any advice, critique, etc.!!  I need all the help I can get.  I don't want to be one of those camera owners that use the auto setting for every picture.  Let me know of any good photography books, websites or magazines.


  1. Wow! That's such a nice camera! I'm sure it'll be tons of fun trying to figure everything out! I do my best just to try and get rid of red eye on my pictures! hehe :)

  2. hey girl!!

    the best piece of advice I ever got was this:
    your shutter speed controls your ambient light, and your aperture controls your subject light.

    good luck figuring out all the details!! I find other photo blogs to be the most inspirational, have fun finding your faves!!


  3. Wow, congrats!! This was such a timely post for me, because I'm looking for a new camera! I've been using my dad's Canon 30D, which is pretty fantastic (for an amateur like me!), but I didn't really even think of looking at another brand! May I ask what kind of lens it came with?

  4. Fun!! I have the Nikon D90 and looove it.

    I like to just browse photography blogs for ideas and tips. Nikon also has video tutorials on their website that will help you get some of the basic settings down. Have so much fun with your new camera!

  5. i have no advice for you but i can say...YAY for you! that is a fantastic present & your hubby did a very good job! i can't wait to see all the pretty things you'll capture!