Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I confess.

Have you seen Confessions of a Shopaholic?

It was wonderfully girly!
Maybe not a 10, but perfect for girls night.

Patrick watched it for about ten minutes (if that)

before declaring it was too superficial, dumb, and annoying.
-well I don't know what that says about me since I loved the movie!

It was a little shallow but full of humor and great fashion!
This satire may poke fun at ditsy fashionistas but in reality,
this shopaholic nature has infiltrated our society.
kinda scary how many people are in debt because
they "have" to buy what they see in advertisements.

All that to say that it was a cheery little movie that 
made me want to grow out my hair,
dress more colorfully, wear high heels, 
take salsa lessons again, and to be really honest,
it made me want to go shopping... real bad :)


  1. i loved it too! completely agree. i don't think that benny liked it but he layed on the couch with me to watch it anyway...he may or may not have been sleeping :)

  2. Haha! Oh my goodness, this is exactly how I felt when I watched this movie!! I know it's pretty shallow, but it was so much fun! And yes, it totally made me want to go shopping!

  3. Have you read the books? I think they are even better than the movie. I highly recommend them! (The movie was fun too!)