Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CHB Lesson #8

18 Feb. 1955
--Mrs. Ruth Dale
(my additions in this color)

"Intro: First I"m going to puncture the myth that you have to have a certain talent to be able to sew.  Will and patience, etc. (lots of it!) is what it takes.  As a result you will have something to show for it.

Equipment: good tools needed to make good garments
Machine, pins (best pins come in boxes), needles, threads with varied weight and color to match material- (buy slightly darker thread than material), scissors of all kinds, cutting board (add to my shopping list), thimble, measuring tools, marking equipment and pressing supplies (helps a ton!)

Visual Aids: good light, full-length mirror, staples, snap fastener, utility buttons, bias tape, hooks and eyes, hangers, french chalk, orange stick, and good instruction book

Color: Every woman has colors that are best for her
Don't choose a color because it is a fad or for the color itself.  Ask: Is it suitable for my characteristics? skin-tone, eyes, figure, community?  Try out different colors.  Pull your hair back and hold up different colors of shirts/fabric under your chin- you will see how some colors wash you out and others brighten your face and accentuate your complexion.  
Black and dark=smaller
bright and light= larger
two-tone= shorter and broader
length= slenderize
large prints or plaids= larger 
dainty prints= more dainty
smaller person= avoid too large design, can be overwhelming
larger person= avoid to small design
Ask yourself if it is suitable for your purpose? party, school, negligee, dress?

Special figure problem:
Don't wear light blouses, sparkling sequins, exaggerated hats, larger purse if fuller bust.  Do nicely rounded shoulder line, hand-bag with handles.  Don't wear dark blouses, long-straight tailored jackets, long-handles purse if too-heavy hips.  Do wear light blouses, simple dark skirt, roomy jackets, clever pins on shoulder, larger hats.  Overall, remember a little is better than too much.  Use two of contract colors rather all three or more."  The same color shoes as pants/skirt elongates the leg.  Where a skirt hits on the leg makes a big difference as well.
It is kinda fun and interesting to go back and look at old pictures of yourself.  Notice how skirt lengths, colors of tops, heel height, collar shape, etc. can change your overall appearance- good or bad.  Despite all of these things... have fun with what you wear!  If you love a color that isn't the best for your skin coloring, then o well... you can still wear it :)  Maybe just play around with scarves or cardigans in different colors that are good for you that will counteract the negative color. 

I have a lot of accessories to buy for sewing :)  No wonder I get so frustrated during projects... I don't have all of these supplies to make the process quicker.  Can sewing projects really be quick?  I was working on something last night (maybe another post*) and on my last sewing line the needle broke... of course.  Oh and there was also a cut in the pedal cord and my brave hubby held the cord together so I could sew... probably very unsafe, but he is alive and I finished a cute little project :)

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  1. I just had a gal come over to me today asking about sewing. I will send her over for your lesson. You have an adorable blog. I just started as well. Come on over. http://debbie-debbiedoos.blogspot.com