Tuesday, January 26, 2010

quick and easy dog bed

I made Vali a new dog bed the same way I made the pillow in this post {here}
I finished the bed just in time for her recovery after losing her womanhood.
She did a lot of sleeping so it was the best time for her to get used to the new bed.

It's so simple to make and the best thing- it's very easy to clean!
I had leftover fabric from {this project} memoboard makeover
and some brown suede fabric from whoknowswhat...

Once you stuff the pillow inside, place the bed in the perfect cuddle spot for your pup
and I promise- they won't appreciate your hard work and will stay far away
from the comfy dog bed... or actually sleep right next to it on the carpet. 
Finally after a while, I got Vali to at least rest her head on it.  I put her toy
by the bed so it would smell more like her, then she would get a little closer :)
Obviously the bed is a little too small.  She loves to curl up in a ball and sleep 
but I overestimating her shrinking ability.  The real reason: I only had a small

amount of leftover fabric and one extra pillow in this medium size... 
She really does like it and the best part: it matches our bedroom!

  Reagan, you're next pal!  And I promise I'll make yours bigger!


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