Monday, January 18, 2010

the office

old pictures of the office:

Here is how it looks now:

the huge manly desk where Patrick "sermonizes"

my new sewing/crafting area- isn't the picture adorable!!!
thank you to my best friend chels who knows me so well!
she found it on etsy for anyone who is interested :)

I had to keep up my "tree" in the window
it's more wintery than christmasy so I guess it can stay a little longer
the shelves in the corner are simply closet storage shelves
you hang up for clothes, but I just hung it on a nail in the wall
to store my fabric and (lightweight) supplies


  1. Beautiful! I love your "I love you, blogs and coffee" poster. I need that!!

  2. looks amazing! I love that poster so much! :)

  3. The blog pic is too cute! Where did you find that if you don't mind me asking, I really have no place to put it, but it is cute!