Monday, January 25, 2010

Profaite Medeus

Profiate Medeus is a minister in Haiti.
He had the opportunity to study at CCU and learn more
about Preaching and the Bible so he could be better equipped 
 to return to his home and family in Haiti and spread the Gospel.
We met him a couple years ago and Profaite and Patrick
became good friends.  He returned to Haiti over a year
ago, ready to share Jesus with the lost in Haiti.
 Patrick has been in contact with him over the past two weeks
and Profaite emailed these pictures recently...
 I was amazed by these pictures 
building crumbled, homes destroyed
this next picture is of their church:
There were some cracks in the concrete and 
they were being careful to make sure the roof was stable
but overall I think it looks pretty good compared to the rest
There have been 3 deaths confirmed in their congregation but I imagine
it will be awhile until they know for sure how many they have lost.
This is part of what he said in the last email:
"First, please keep  praying for us. Secondly, Since many people, including our church members are in big needs, anything that can come down to Haiti, especially money, can help."
This past Sunday Profaite preached to a large crowd 
that gathered in the yard outside of the church.
I wish I could have been sitting on that white blanket 
next to that little boy, front row, hearing Profaite share a
message of true hope to a desperate and hurting crowd.
I'm sure most of you have already donated 
(maybe even some of you crafty ones to CraftHope on Etsy)
but here is some information if you are interested:
G.O. Ministries- donate $ on their website {here}
and select Haiti Relief Fund in the program box
100% of the money will go directly to Haiti relief
If you are in Louisville, {here} is the link where you can find
the list of urgent needs and location to drop items off
or {here} on Southeast Christian's website

We are waiting to hear back from Profaite Medeus
about an address in Haiti and what exactly would 
be the best items for his church to receive.
If you are interested in donating directly to Profaite and his church, 
let me know and I can try to get you his information when he sends it.
I'm sure you all feel the same way, but I feel like I can't do enough 
for these people in Haiti.  I want to get on the next plane
embrace every orphan, offer clean water, 
and fill every aching stomach with a warm meal
but unfortunately that is not possible.
I have needed to remind myself of the amazing power of prayer
prayer for those who need food, those who need rescue,
those who need strength to continue helping others,
those who need a family, a friend
and while all of those people need our prayers
all that really matters are those people who need the ultimate Savior.

Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer

2 Thessalonians 3:1
Finally brothers, pray for us that the message of the Lord
may spread rapidly and be honored, just as it is with you.

Psalm 33:20-22
We wait in hope for the LORD; He is our help and our shield.
In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.
May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD,
even as we put our hope in you.


  1. Thanks for the etsy love of the day spot. Also, will you email me at . I would love to talk more about ways to give to his church.

  2. I love you this is a very sweet post.