Saturday, January 16, 2010

sunday afternoon

do you have any plans for your Sunday afternoon?
if not, I encourage you to go to Monroe, OH.
why Monroe, you ask...

well there are these jcrew cords for $9:

and columbia jackets as low as $29:

and gap with jeans for $8 sweaters for $4 and 
my favorite ultrafine turtleneck for $2!!!
 yes... in Monroe, OH
exit 29 off I-75

here are the {directions
so many wonderful stores and 
sales still going on from Christmas!
It's about 30 minutes N of downtown Cinci
and only 10 exits N on I75 from IKEA...

I HIGHLY recommend you take a little trip and visit these outlets... 
I went with my cousin Friday and although we bought a ton of great stuff,
I promise we even left some good things for you all.

 See ya there!

(did I mention that all jcrew clearance is an extra 40% off!!
I will never go to a real jcrew again!)


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  1. your blog. Kelly and I went to the Cincy outlets before favorite shopping day would be...the Gap Clearance Outlet and IKEA...add the Cincy outlets and you have the perfect shopping day. :)