Sunday, January 24, 2010

take me away

I have been daydreaming about the beach all day.
the beach and our honeymoon.
can we please go back?

Just when I think my mind is back on my school paper
about the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, Caesar Augustus
 I read about ships on the Mediterranean Sea and
I'm now on Crete with my toes in the sand.

freshly painted toes I might add-
(just in case, I wanted to be ready.  the shade is "continuous cocoa")

this next picture is one of the few we have of Patrick's wedding ring
a few weeks after the honeymoon it sank to the bottom of Nolin Lake.
don't worry, he picked up a walmart special 
so his left hand still shows he is taken :) 

o seaside how I love you, your little shops and live music.
hope to see you soon.

Dear Cincinnati gray skies,
please go away.
A dark rumbling thunderstorm would be fine
a sparkling knee-deep snow wonderland is okay too
but misty gray sunless days are depressing
they make my hair quite frizzy
my cozy bed so inviting
and homework impossible.
a little ray of sunshine would be 
greatly appreciated.

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  1. savannah- jamie has been without a wedding band for about 3 weeks. i have been trying to talk him in to the "walmart special", but he keeps thinking his will show up!