Tuesday, February 2, 2010

invite me

I love peeking inside our mailbox in the entry hall and seeing a burst of color through the door.  Striped envelope, cursive script, creative stamp, oh how lovely!  What a special surprise to receive an invitation or note of encouragement tucked between bills and junk.  (I must admit I equally love the thin red envelope which means a new NETFLIX!)  I'm having a little valentine's party and have been dreaming up invitations for too long... they need to be mailed out soon :)  Here are some of my favorites recently:
  each picture linked to its source


  1. the 'ten things i love about you' card is my favorite! and i love the closure on that envelope too!!

    happy love day planning!

  2. i looove the third one, especially for an invitation! its unique and something i've never seen before! it has the 'wow factor' :)