Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow day!

We turned into third graders.
snow dances
restless sleep
waking up at 5am
checking radio, websites, facebook statuses
every minute.  waiting for an update
a school cancellation
By 6:20 we still had no word so Patrick dressed in camo
leashed up the dogs and pitifully pouted down the street
Right as he shut the door, my phone rang.
"Today, February 9th 2010, Cincinnati Christian University is closed..."
I threw open the door and Patrick was nowhere in sight
and he left his phone on the table.
poor thing- he spent the next half hour drudging through the snow
 when he finally returned, I had a SNOW DAY sign to welcome him!
...I think he was a little hesitant to believe me:
needless to say... we were elated!!!  
we went back to sleep until noon! 
the pups loved the extra cuddling and wild snow adventures
what a fabulous day of relaxing with friends and making memories:
today we had a 2hr delay. which was greatly appreciated.
hope you all are staying warm and cozy :)


  1. Beautiful photos! While I love watching my daughter learn to love snow, I am totally jealous of going back to bed til 12 on a snow day. *sigh* Once our kids are teens I suppose we will all get to experience that together. :)

  2. WOW! Love all the pics! So pretty-- also love the UofL wear all over the place! Represent! xoxo to my godbabies