Wednesday, February 17, 2010

update from Profaite

The Lord is doing amazing work in Haiti and the Church is rising up to help the Haitian people, offering an eternal hope they desperately need.  We received the following email from Profaite and I thought you would want to join me in celebrating! 

"Things are very hectic nowadays. Since after the quake, we have to  work harder than before to do several additional activities  at the church such as cleaning debris,  visiting people, serving them food  and so on in order to help people keep the faith. The Haitian gorvenment , under the leadership of several religious leaders, encouraged people to spend three days-Feb.12- Feb14- of fasting and prayer. There were nearly 1500 people  who attended our Church (Cite Soleil Christian Church) during the first and the 2nd day and more than 2000 during the third day. More than 150 people have converted and added to our church since after the quake.  We need to keep praying for every thing that God is doing in Haiti now.
To God be the glory!"
Thank you for your continued prayers for Profaite, the Church, and the people of Haiti. 
150+ saved!  Praise the Lord!!

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